How do I add my course schedule to my calendar?

Library & IT distributes course schedule email messages to faculty and students based on information from Banner Web. If you are enrolled in a course or teaching a course, you will receive one email message for each course you are participating in. Open each message and click to add the course to your Bmail calendar.

If there is an error when you add your courses to your calendar, you can request new email messages. If you do not expect the class, instructor, date, or time for the courses you receive, please check your course schedule in Banner Web before you contact the Tech Desk.

Use a computer (not a smartphone) logged into Bmail in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc. not a mail client, like Apple Mail or Outlook).

Add Course Schedule to Calendar


Faculty can use this link to add their courses to their calendars:


1. Go to MyBucknell

2. Under Web Tools for Students, select Add Course Schedule to Calendar. Your class schedule will be emailed to you. 

NOTE: If you do not see Add Course Schedule, you can go directly to this link -

If you change your schedule (drop or add a class),  you'll need to run this script again in order to sync your calendar. 



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