How do I get started working with Tableau?

Faculty and students are eligible for a free academic license of Tableau. Faculty just need to fill out the form here: Many of the computer labs also have Tableau installed already, including the lab in Taylor. Students can use those labs or they can request their own license here: Additionally, faculty can request a Tableau Online environment which will allow students to publish their workbooks to a shared environment.  

In addition to the above, here are some additional resources we've made available that you might find valuable:

  • Getting Started with Tableau - High level information about Tableau products, licensing, academic licenses (free!), etc.
  • Training Resources - Training resources for the different platforms we support. Feel free to just skip to the Tableau-related content. The Tableau for Data Scientists course is very good and comprehensive. 
  • Data & Analytics Competency Hub - This is our website which contains lots of valuable information about our platforms and tools, training materials, how-to’s, best practices guides, events and webinars, FAQ’s, support, and much more.
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