Separating Employee Information & Communication

Information about accounts and employee separations is available in the Account Deactivation Policy on the Human Resources website. As indicated in the policy, tenured and tenure-track faculty who retire from the university retain email account access. Accounts for all other separating employees close on the last date of employment.

  • Retiring tenured and tenure track faculty: Retain Bmail and other account access.
  • Separating faculty and staff, retiring staff: Bmail and all other accounts close at the end of the last day of employment.
  • Separating faculty and staff, retiring staff who are alumni: Receive a new alumni email account after the employee account closes.

If you are separating from the university, complete the following prior to your last date of employment:

  1. Return all hardware, equipment, and materials including desktop, lab, and grant purchased computers, Yubikeys, tablets, and other devices.
  2. Transfer your Google Docs to another user or to a Shared Drive. 
  3. If you have created Qualtrics surveys, respond to your separation ticket with the name of the person who should be the new owner of your surveys.
  4. Create and save a vacation message in Bmail that indicates who in your department is now handling your responsibilities.

If you qualify for an alumni account, review the following:

Your Bucknell employee account will be closed on your separation date.  If you qualify for an alumni account, your new email address will be created within two weeks after your separation date.  Your credentials for your new account will be sent to your personal email address.

  • Update Bucknell Account Management (BAM) with a valid personal email address that Library & IT can use to communicate about your new alumni address.
  • No content can be transferred from the employee account to the alumni account.

If you graduated from Bucknell or if you completed coursework but did not graduate, you may be eligible for an alumni email account and/or library borrowing privileges.

  • Did you graduate from Bucknell?
  • Did you complete any coursework at Bucknell without graduating?

Reply to your separation ticket with your graduation date (if applicable) and personal email address.

Additional information and instructions will be available in the Library & IT service request for your separation. Please keep an eye on your Bmail inbox for messages from your separation ticket. Reply to the ticket notifications with questions for your technology liaison.





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