How do I access the AWS Banner Environments when I'm working remotely?

Before you begin, verify that you are connected to the Internet via Wifi or Ethernet. You must also install and configure the Bucknell VPN.

  1. Launch and login to the VPN.
  2. Click to open the Start Menu on your computer.
  3. Search for and open Remote Desktop Connection
  4. Enter the following computer name into Computer: remote-user. 

  5. Click Connect and authenticate with your Bucknell username and password.
    1. Note: You should now be connected to the remote-user computer where you can access certain sites restricted to only computers on the Bucknell network.
  6. Open Google Chrome via the shortcut on the desktop, and when prompted, choose Set as default
  7. On the settings page, when it prompts you to Choose an app, choose Google Chrome.  
  8. Locate the folder on the Desktop called Banner SIG links and open it. Inside you will find folders and links to various SIG Banner environments and products. 
  9. Choose your environment, then choose your product. When you open one of the links, it will open via Google Chrome and prompt you to login using your normal credentials.


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