DocuSign FAQ

How do I sign a DocuSign document?

Bucknell faculty, staff, and students can sign documents with Bucknell’s e-signature tool. Individuals outside the university can also sign documents. Signing is quite simple, in both cases, the signer will receive a notification via email. Click the Review Document link to review the document and sign.

Can I use my friendly email alias to receive documents through DocuSign?

No, it is absolutely necessary that ALL documents are sent to your address. If you received one and are not able to access it please request that the sender resend it to your address instead of your friendly email alias.

Can I update my name, title, signature, and photo in DocuSign?

Yes, the user preferences are located within the User drop-down menu (click your initials and select My Preferences), located in the top right corner of the DocuSign dashboard.

Complete the information in the Personal Information section. Select Signature from the left-hand navigation to add or update your signature. You will have three main options.

  • Choose – Select a cursive font for your signature
  • Draw – Use the mouse (or your finger or stylus on mobile devices) to draw your signature
  • Upload –To upload a scanned image of your signature and initials.

Can I update the email notifications I receive from DocuSign e-signature?

Yes, DocuSign e-signature allows users to customize the type of notifications they receive regarding documents they have out for signature or documents that they must sign. We recommend that users leave these settings in place to preserve DocuSign functionality.

What should Bucknell’s DocuSign e-signature tool be used for?

The tool should only be used for official university business documents and processes.


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