How do I check my spam folder and remove legitimate messages?

Spam is email you did not ask for and do not want.  There is a spam filter built into your Bmail to remove unwanted messages from your inbox.  Your spam folder contains all those messages until they are 30 days old.  After 30 days, spam messages are automatically deleted.

Most of the time, your spam filter is pretty good at correctly identifying spam - leaving the messages you want in your inbox and removing the messages you don't want.  Sometimes, it's not quite as accurate as you would like.

1. To check your spam folder for misclassified messages, scroll down the right side of your Bmail until you see More.


2. Click on More and scroll down until you see Spam.


3. If you see a message with a sender or subject you recognize, open the message.  If it is a legitimate email message, click the Report not spam button.  The message will move to your inbox.


4. You will need to check your spam folder regularly and consistently.  Make sure you use the Report not spam button for every message that does not belong in your spam folder.

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