How do I view Turnitin originality reports for my students?

If you create a Turnitin Assignment in your Moodle course, Turnitin will compare all of the documents submitted by your students to its database of previously submitted assignments, documents in online paper mills, documents available on the Web, etc. Turnitin then issues an "originality score" that indicates how much of the language of each student essay matches those other sources. Match scores in the low teens and below don't tend to be problematic, since passages quoted in the student essay, common phrases, book or article titles, etc., will often show up as matches. Match scores in the high teens and above definitely deserve close scrutiny.

Here's how you see the originality scores for a Turnitin Assignment:

  1. Go to your Moodle course, and click on the link for the assignment.
  2. Click on the Submission Inbox tab:


    Submission Inbox

  3. The Similarity column will display the match score for all submitted assignments. To see a detailed comparison of the student submission with matched sources, click on the match score to open the Turnitin Feedback Studio window, which also allows you to grade the student assignment and to provide feedback:


    Click to see Originality Score

  4. The Turnitin Feedback Studio window will load, and matches with online sources will be highlighted and color-coded.


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