How do I register a device on the bucknell_iot wireless network?

If you have a gaming system, a smart TV, a streaming video system, or anything else that needs to connect to a network but doesn't allow you to add it to the wireless network, you will need to connect to the bucknell_iot network. This stands for Internet of Things and in order to connect to it, you'll need to first register your device.

The type of devices you'll need to register include (but are not limited to): smart TVs, Rokus, Apple TVs, PlayStations, XBoxes, Nintendos, Amazon Fire Sticks, Amazon Echos and Echo Dots, smart lights, online alarm clocks, and Raspberry Pi's. Note: Because of their design, Google Home, Google Chromecast, and wireless printers will not work on any of Bucknell's wireless networks. 

  1. Go to to login
  2. Log in using your Bucknell credentials
  3. Fill out the device name and MAC Address and select “Register Device”
  4. Your device has now been registered. You can register other devices or you can just close the window. Restart your device and now try to connect it to the bucknell_iot network.

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Wed 11/20/19 3:26 PM