How can I install Matlab on my computer?

Faculty & Staff University Owned Computer Install

Faculty & staff have two options for installing Matlab on their university owned computer.

  1. Matlab network installer – This is an automated installer that requires the user to be connected to the Bucknell network, either directly or via the VPN, to run Matlab. This process is recommended for office and lab desktop computers and laptop users that don’t require using Matlab when disconnected from the Bucknell network. See the section labeled Network Installer below.
  2. Matlab individual installer – This installer requires a few more steps to complete the installation and also requires an annual activation process, but it allows Matlab to be run when disconnected from the Bucknell network. See the section labeled Individual Installer below.

Faculty, Staff & Student Personal Computer Install

Faculty, staff and students can install Matlab on their personal computers using the instructions below labeled Individual Installer.

Network Installer

Windows users can install Matlab from the Portal Manager or by going to \\softserve\prodsoft\Deploy\Private\0-Engineering\Matlab2021A\SelfService and running Matlab2021A-SelfService.exe.

Mac users can install Matlab via Self Service (found under applications).

Individual Installer

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Get Software link and then select the Sign in to get started button.
  3. It will ask you to login via Bucknell single sign-on if you’re not already logged in.
  4. Create a Mathworks account if you don’t have one or login to your Mathworks account if you already do.
  5. Download Matlab (keep in mind, Matlab 2021A is what is installed in the labs for the 2021-2022 academic year)
  6. Run the installer, which will prompt you to login to your Mathworks account, and then select the license labeled MATLAB (Individual) if prompted. It should then download all the licensed toolboxes and install Matlab.

How to renew your license for the individual installer

Individual installs will expire each year so you’ll need to renew your license periodically. If you’re not running the current version that’s in the labs (R2021A), you may want to consider upgrading by simply uninstalling your existing version and installing the current version as specified above.

If you want to stick with your existing version, then start Matlab and go to the Home tab. In the Resources section of the Home tab, select Help -> Licensing -> Update Current Licenses… You’ll then have to click through a couple prompts to update your license.

If that is unsuccessful, try using Help -> Licensing -> Activate Software.


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