How do I scan using a Follow-Me Printer?

Scanning using the Follow-me printers 

1. Locate a follow-me printer

2. If you have multiple pages or scanning front and back, place those pages in the top feeder (image 1). Otherwise, place the document on the flatbed (image 2). 


3. Scan your ID follow the prompts until you see your print queue. You should now be able to select the Main Menu button to the left side (see image below)


4. Click on Scan and Send


5. If you are scanning front and back pages you will need to select 2-sided Original. If not, continue to step 6. 


6. Select Send to Myself (email may appear as Bucknell friendly address).

If you need to send your scan to a different email address, select New Destination and enter the email address you want your scan to go. 

7. Press the large green button on the printer to initiate the scan. If you are using the top feeder your steps are complete. If you are using the flatbed scanner, continue on to step 8. 


8. If you use the flatbed scanner to scan your document, you will need to verify your document size. If you have a different sized document than the standard letter (LTR), make sure you select the right one from the menu! Press OK when done. 


9. If you only have one page you are scanning with the flatbed you may press, "Start Sending". Otherwise, put the second on the flatbed and press the large green button on the printer. Repeat until you have completed all scans and then select "Start Sending" to send your scanned documents to email. 

11. Your scan is complete!

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