Can I add the direct Follow-Me printer queue to my personally owned Windows laptop?

Would you like to be able to print directly to the Follow Me printers from your laptop without have to first download your file, then upload it to Webprint? You can!

For example, if you're in Word, or if you're reading a pdf in Acrobat, you can just do a File>Print and choose the Follow Me printer that you've installed, print the job, then go to a Follow Me printer to retrieve it.

While uploading your documents to or emailing your document as an attachment to works well in most cases, sometimes you might just want to print a range of pages rather than all of them, or print directly from your document.

You can add the Follow-Me queue to your computer so that you can do a File>Print from your program and choose the Follow Me printer from the list of printers. Your document will not immediately come out of a Follow Me printer - you will still need to go to a Follow-Me printer and release your job.

If you'd like to add this queue, these are the steps (note that you must be connected to the wireless network):

  1. Click on the search box on the taskbar
  2. Type  \\ and hit enter
  3. In the username-password dialog box, use bucknell\username and your bucknell password
  4. You'll see a list of printers - double-click on both BuBWPrint and BuColorPrint to add the B/W and Color queues

That's it. You should see these printer queues in your list of printers, and you then have the option of printing directly to them from your document.

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