How do I change power settings in Windows 10?

You might want to change what closing the lid or pressing the power button does on your Windows 10 laptop. Or you might want to change how the brightness changes when you plug your laptop to a power source vs. using it on battery. All these options and many more are available under "Power Options".

To access power options, press Windows key + X or right-click the start menu. You should see the following menu appear:


Now, click on "Power Options" or press O on your keyboard. You should now have access to power options.Untitled

This screen offers you various options that you can use to change the performance of your computer. Right at the bottom, you can see a slider that lets you change the brightness.

To the left are various options, such as "Require a password on startup", "Choose what the power buttons do", etc. These are pretty self-explanatory options, and you may tweak them at will. However, remember that requiring a password on startup is enforced on Bucknell machines and you cannot change this option.

Under "Choose or customize a power plan", you can select the power plan that you wish to use. You can click "Change plan settings" to change how the plan works.

You should then see a window that looks like the one below:



Most of the regular options are pretty straightforward, like the time after which the display turns off or your computer sleeps, or the brightness of your screen when your computer is plugged in or when it's running on battery. As shown in the red box below, the Advanced Power Settings offers you several additional settings that can be changed.Untitled Keep in mind that some of these may be locked on a Bucknell machine, and many of these could be bad to mess around with if you don't know what you are doing!

Windows by default has three options, Balanced, High Performance, and Power saver. You can edit these at will, and can set them back any time using "Restore default settings for this plan". Also make sure that you click on "Save changes" when you're done.

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