What is Qualtrics and how do I use it?

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Qualtrics is a survey creation and reporting tool commonly used for academic and administrative research purposes. You can access it at bucknell.qualtrics.com. This will lead you to a webpage where you can access Qualtrics with your Bucknell account. From here, you can use the various tools that qualtrics provides to create surveys, distribute them and analyze your data at the end. Remember, it’s all free to use if you have a Bucknell account.

You may have used other survey creation tools (eg: Google forms) in the past. Qualtrics is similar, but it provides you with lots of powerful tools that you may be unfamiliar with but might be relevant to your task. It provides a great number of options for you to manipulate the flow of your survey depending on the person that is taking the survey and their responses. It can help you create a good survey that collects the exact data that you want from each individual. To learn more, consult the Qualtrics Survey Support or Qualtrics On Demand Training for Core XM.

Also keep in mind that depending on the nature of your survey, you may have to get approved by the university to conduct research on human subjects. This is outlined in materials from the Institutional Review Board.


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