Why can't I collaborate on a Qualtrics survey?

Qualtrics includes collaboration features that allow you to share a survey with someone else. Your collaborators may be able to edit, distribute, report, and copy surveys, depending on the permissions you give them.

NOTE: Before you can collaborate in Qualtrics, each user must login to create an account. Every person you are collaborating with must make an account first. 


  1. Login to https://bucknell.qualtrics.com/
  2. Locate the survey. In the Project Options menu, select Collaborate.
  3. Search for the user in the Address Book. Do NOT send a collaboration invitation to the other user's email address.
  4. Select the user from the Address Book. Click Add Selected. Check the boxes for the permissions you want them to have.
  5. Click Save.
NOTE: If you cannot find the user in the Address Book, verify that the user has previously logged into Qualtrics and you are typing the correct email address or name. 

If you are invited to collaborate and you have the appropriate permissions but you still cannot edit the survey, you most likely just need to refresh your account.


To do this, click on the drop-down icon on the top right hand corner of the Qualtrics main screen, and then click on Refresh Account (pictured above).


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