How can students and faculty download Microsoft Office 365 for free on their personal computers?

If you are a current student or a current faculty member at Bucknell University, you qualify for a free copy of Office 365 that you can install and use on your personally-owned computer. Note: Office 2019 is not available for download or purchase at any sort of reduced rate for home use.  Staff and family members are not eligible for the free option but are eligible to take advantage of a discounted rate for a subscription to Office 365 through Microsoft's Home Use program (details found here). 

Here are the steps you should follow to get Microsoft Office 365 on your computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Bucknell email address (eg:

  3. Click on the green "Get started" button.
  4. Next, you'll be asked whether you're a student or a teacher. Select the appropriate option. 

  5. Put in your full email address:
  6. Enter your Bucknell password. 
  7. Save the password if you so choose: 
  8. You should now see that you're connected to Office 365 Online, which means that you can access all of your office products while you're online. 
  9. In the top right corner, you have an option to install Office. This should give you an option to download and install applications that you should be able to use without an internet connection. 
  10. That should complete your setup of Office 365. You should be able to log in at with your Bucknell username and password from any computer in order to access your documents. 


If you're looking for Office 2019, Microsoft does not offer any discounts. You can buy it directly from Microsoft for $149 or sometimes from retailers like $129 from Newegg or $125 from Amazon. 


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