How do I secure my Android phone?

Note: These instructions provide an overview of setting up these features on a generic Android phone.  Your specific phone may vary based on manufacturer or Android version.

All individuals with Bucknell-owned Android smartphones and/or personally owned Android phones with Bucknell email are required to setup security features including digital security lock as well as remote wipe or locate features in the event a phone is lost or stolen. Please follow the instructions below to setup the appropriate security features on your android smartphone:

  1. Download the Google Apps Device Policy and Find My Device. You can find these in the Google Play app. If your phone is lost or stolen, these apps allow you to ring, lock, or locate your device through the My Devices page.
  2. Add a password to your device.
    • Go to Settings
    • Open Lock Screen and Security
    • Under Screen Lock Type, select at least a 6 character passcode, pattern swipe, or use a biometric (fingerprint) lock.
    • Select Secure Lock Settings and then Lock automatically.
    • Specify the idle time (a max. of 2 minutes is recommended) before the screen is locked.


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