I submitted an Assignment via Moodle. How do I find my instructor's feedback?

This article assumes that you have already submitted your assignment via Moodle's Assignment Activity, as described in these instructions. Here's how you can return to Moodle to see your instructor's feedback on your assignment:

  1. Go to Moodle at https://moodle.bucknell.edu, and click on the link for your course in the Current Course List module on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Within that course, scroll down on the page to the topic area that contains the assignment, and click on the assignment link:

    Assignment Link

  3. If you scroll down on the page for the particular assignment, you’ll see a Feedback section. You should see the grade your instructor gave you for the assignment, along with any kind of summary comment s/he entered.  If your instructor added comments via Moodle, you may see an "Annotate PDF" section with a link to view the instructor's inline comments.  There is also a possibility of instructor "Feedback files," in instances where the faculty member uploaded a commented version of your submitted assignment:

    Instructor Feedback

  4. If there is indeed an attached file in the “Feedback files” area (shown as a blue link in the figure just above), you can click on that link to save that file to your computer and/or view that file within the relevant program (Microsoft Word, in the example above).
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