How do I claim my Bucknell account?

If you are new to Bucknell, follow these steps to claim your Bucknell account using Bucknell Account Management (BAM):

  1. From your computer, open the email titled Bucknell University Account Information and click on the link to Bucknell Account Management. These instructions work best on a computer, not a smartphone.

  2. Enter the Auth Code and Username from the email message.  Enter your Birth Date. Type the Word Verification.  Press Submit.

  3. Review and accept the Acceptable Use Policy.

  4. Press Next.

  5. Setup your secret questions.

  6. Create and confirm your new password.

  7. Verify your recovery information.

  8. Enter a recovery email address and a recovery mobile phone number.
    NOTE: The recovery email address should be a personal email address that you can continue to use.  Do not use your Bucknell email address. Do not use an email address from a former school or employer.

  9. Your account is setup!


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