Request to have a Campus Phone Moved

Changing Offices?

Take your phone and cables with you. Your office number moves with you when changing offices within the same Department. Please follow the instructions below when moving your phone.

The network cable runs from the data jack from the wall into the top jack on the back of your phone, and the second jack from the back of your phone to the computer.

If you plug in your phone/computer and it's not working, please try other jacks on that wall plate. (There may be more than one wall plate to try.) If none of the jacks are working, please submit a request with the jack number and L&IT will activate it for you.

***It's still very important that you notify Telephone Services know when phones are moved so we can update our database for E911. If 911 is dialed and you don't notify us of the new location, emergency response units may be dispatched to the wrong location.