Phone Feature Changes

Request additional line appearances on your phone

Bridged appearances

Your phone may show one or more bridged call appearances on the display screen in addition to your own call appearances. A bridged call appearance typically belongs to someone else, but bridging allows you to see if that call appearance is in use, answer calls on that appearance, or join a call in progress on that call appearance from your telephone. You can also make outgoing calls on a bridged call appearance when it is not in use.

Team Buttons

Monitors members of a team of phones. Any member of a team can observe the state of other team member's phones. The team button can also be used as a Speed Dial Button or Pick-Up Button

Busy Indicators

Monitors the state of other telephones.

Request a Personal Operator-(Zero-out option)

Callers pressing 0 at your greeting, are forwarded to a different phone.