Study Spaces in Bertrand Library

The Bertrand Library offers many places to study, collaborate and discover. There are comfy couches and chairs on Level 2, long open tables in the East Reading Room and single-person cubicles and small tables throughout the building. Located on Level 2, Lower Level 1, and Lower Level 2, Group Study Rooms have tables, chairs, whiteboards, and large monitors for collaborative work. The Library Lab,  BERT 025 is also available for group and individual work when there is not a class in session.  

Running low on energy?  You can stop by the Library Services Desk and borrow power supplies for most laptops.  Located next to the Library Services Desk is the Bertrand Library Cafe which serves coffee and other beverages, sandwiches, snacks and other on the go items.  You can also borrow headphones at the Library Services Desk so you can listen to your favorite music as you study.  

Reserve a study carrel (Graduate students and senior thesis writers have priority)

Ask at the Library Services Desk about using lockers in the library to store your books and other belongings!

Students can borrow a laptop to use in the library for up to 6 hours! Stop by the Equipment Desk.