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The Linux Computing Cluster is a group of Linux servers set up for the purpose of running computationally intensive jobs.

Have an idea or project request that involves technology? Submit it here.

See the current status of systems including Email, Banner, Moodle and the campus network.

Request a modification to permissions on a Netspace folder.

Request assistance with Banner or Banner Web/Banner Self-Service.

Report a non-urgent technology problem or submit a request to L&IT. For urgent issues, please call 570-577-7777.

Request a Bucknell account for a consultant or other affiliated individual.

In addition to supporting faculty and students in integrating GIS into their coursework and research, our GIS Specialists work with faculty and other campus leaders to infuse spatial thinking into the curriculum and promote the importance of spatial literacy in academia and beyond.

Our GIS specialists can provide assistance with your GIS needs.

Form for requesting Gladys Brook funds

Request assistance with Bmail's Calendar.

Request assistance with the BUI tools (Cognos, Tableau) or the data warehouse.

Audio recording can be done in the Sound Booth located in the Tech Courtyard of Bertrand library.

Request the creation of a folder in a restricted area on Netspace.

Request assistance with other administrative systems on campus.

Staff members from Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship are available to help faculty create instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing for students.

Digital Storytelling is the process of creating a personal account of an event or moment that significantly influenced or changed your life. The digital story is told through the ā€œIā€ narrative and expresses emotions in a direct way that connects your story with an audience.

Request assistance with your voicemail.

Students: Submit your honors or master's thesis.
Faculty/Staff: Upload your scholarly articles.

Library & IT provides training on a wide variety of software.

Request access to the Engineering Linux services or ask a question about your account.

Request changes to your access tied to your Bucknell account.

Request assistance with Bmail, Bucknell's Email Service

Ask a question or report a problem concerning a departmental computer.