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The Linux Computing Cluster is a group of Linux servers set up for the purpose of running computationally intensive jobs.

Request to have an item put on reserve.

Report a non-urgent technology problem or submit a request to L&IT. For urgent issues, please call 570-577-7777.

Have an idea or project request that involves technology? Submit it here.

Get live help with a quick question from a librarian.

Call 570-577-3435 for Emergency Technical Assistance during a class or event.

Request to reserve a study carrel in Bertrand Library.

See the current status of systems including Email, Banner, Moodle and the campus network.

Request assistance with Banner or Banner Web/Banner Self-Service.

Video streaming request form that allows faculty to request an item from the collection to be streamed for their course.

Ask a question or report a problem concerning a departmental computer.

Request a modification to permissions on a Netspace folder.

Submit a request or a question about file storage on Netspace

The Bertrand Library offers many places to study, collaborate and discover.

Links to Library & IT's information security policies.

Report an issue with an existing wired connection, or request a new wired connection.

In addition to supporting faculty and students in integrating GIS into their coursework and research, our GIS Specialists work with faculty and other campus leaders to infuse spatial thinking into the curriculum and promote the importance of spatial literacy in academia and beyond.

WordPress is widely used on campus for the creation of ePortfolios.  Contact us to inquire how we can help setup a ePortfolio for your class, major, or department.

Try - an ever-growing library of video tutorials on software products.

Request a student organization space on Netspace.

Learn more about finding books, DVDs, articles, databases at Bertrand Library and beyond.

Staff from Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship are available to help with assessment of technology projects, modules and assignments.

Report an issue with AV equipment in a classroom or computer lab.

Request an account or access to one or more of Bucknell's Administrative Systems.

Report an issue or ask a question about your existing Google group.