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This article includes install and configuration instructions, accessing netspace, as well as additional information.
B-Alert is the campus emergency notification system. In the event of an emergency, B-Alert will notify faculty, staff, and students via text message, email, and phone call.
The Bucknell Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that allows users to access many of Bucknell’s network resources from a computer that is off-campus. Click on this article for more information
Instructions on how to check if Code42 is backing your computer.
Instructions for restoring a file from Code42.
For more information on Code42 Crashplan, click on this article.
In order to use your device (smart TV, Roku, Echo, streaming device, etc.) on Bucknell's IoT network, you must first register the device's MAC address. This article lists many of the most common devices and how to obtain the MAC address.
This article talks about what computer equipment you should bring and what you should leave at home.
Warranty and service vary, depending on the make, model, and scope of the problem. This article contains more information on the Bison Laptop Program warranty and service.
Google has made if very simple to add holidays from several religious traditions to your Bmail calendar.
This article explains how you can see on a single page all the posts by a student to the various forums in your Moodle course.
Instructions on how to add an Assignment to a Moodle course in order to receive student work.
The mac computer replacement process instructions include what happens on the day of your schedule computer replacement and the software that will be installed.
If you have a gaming system, a smart TV, a streaming video system, or anything else that needs to connect to a network but doesn’t allow you to add it to the wireless network, you will need to connect to the bucknell_iot network.
General help and FAQ for Digication.
This article is designed to give you a high level overview of Gradescope and provide links to additional resources.
Changing sharing setting withing Digication
A guide to logging in for the first time and setting up a Digication page for students.
Follow-Me printers are located all around campus. Click on this article to find the location closest to you.
Installing Matlab on both Bucknell owned and personally owned computers.