How secure is Code42?


All Code42 data is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption. Click on this article for more information.


All Code42 data is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption.  The keys are stored within the Bucknell environment.  Code42 does not have a copy of the encryption keys or access to the encryption keys. Every user has an individual encryption key.

All Bucknell data is processed and stored in United States based locations, as required by the license agreement.

The company, license, and storage have been reviewed and approved by the General Counsel's Office and the Chief Information Security Officer.

If you add a backup set that uses local storage (such as an external hard drive in your office), the Code42 backup on that drive is encrypted and can only be opened by the user who owns that backup using their Bucknell credentials.  If the drive is lost or stolen, the backup cannot be accessed.




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