How do I troubleshoot my connection to Eduroam?


Eduroam is a network that allows users to access a wireless network from other member institutions while using your Bucknell credentials. For details on Eduroam, see our article here.

Here are the Android settings that users should be able to use to connect to Eduroam while traveling. Mac users may not need to use anything other than their Bucknell email address and their Bucknell password. Note: since the certificate changes every year, users who have connected to Eduroam in the past should delete or forget the network if they have issues connecting, and then try connecting to the network again. 


Phase 2 - MSCHAPV2

CA Certificate  - Use System Certificates

Online cert status - Do not verify

domain -

identity -

password - your Bucknell network password.  

If you have issues connecting at the institution where you are traveling, and you've tried forgetting the network, you may need to contact the network team at that location for assistance. 



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