How do I send an email merge in Bmail?


Yes, you can do a mail merge using Bmail and Google Sheets. Many people have found success using this process from Google:

Create a mail merge with Gmail & Google Sheets

Changing the section about email parameters will allow you to personalize the account the email is sent from, the reply:to email addresses, and the bcc and cc fields. 

Some questions to ask yourself regarding any sort of mail merge include:

  • What are you sending and to whom?
  • How many people are getting this email?
  • How frequently are you using mail merges?
  • With attachments?
  • From what account? replying to what account?

Note: Your email merge is subject to Google's sending limits. If you exceed Google's limits, you will not be able to send email for 24 hours. Your daily sending limits include all the normal messages you send, in addition to the number you send through a merge.

Maximum messages per day: 2,000
Total recipients per day: 10,000
External recipients per day: 3,000

Learn more from Google: Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace

If you have further questions about mail merges, or if you're looking for other options, please contact the Tech Desk at 



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