How do I request admin rights on a Bucknell-owned Mac computer?


Using Privileges on a Bucknell-owned Mac computer to
request temporary admin rights

Note: Follow these steps prior to installing software or making system changes.

  1. Launch Privileges by opening from the dock or opening the application via Finder/Applications

  2. Select Request Privileges

  3. Enter your computer password

  4. When your password is entered correctly, you may receive a notification in the top right of your screen or the app in your dock will change to an open padlock as well as change from a green to orange background. If you see one or both of these you now have admin rights. Proceed with system changes or software install (including OS updates)


Removing Admin Rights

After 5 minutes, a pop-up will ask if you still need admin rights. If you still need them you can say yes, otherwise say no or Privileges will continue to notify you every 5 minutes. If you do not see the pop-up, open Privileges and select No.

If you select No you will get the message below to tell you your permissions were revoked and your account will be set back to a standard user again. Also, your Privileges app will turn back to green. 




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