How do I add a document to the system in Ascend SmartTouch People?

There are three web methods for adding documents to the system. Follow the links below to quickly navigate to the one you want to read about.

  1. Web Scanning
  2. Web Uploading - Drag and Drop
  3. Web Uploading - File Search

Each of the upload methods will allow a user to add multiple documents at once.  Web scanning allows you to add one document at a time.  Documents may include multiple pages.

Method 1: Web Scanning

  1. Locate the Upload Documents dashlet and click on the "Scan" button.

    You may be prompted to download and install Dynamic Web Twain from . This software is a communication connector to the available scanners. It is a onetime installation and will be required on all computers running this application. Please contact IT administrator if assistance is needed for download permission. Once the download is complete, a restart of the browser will be necessary.
  2. From the “Scan Source” option, select the TWAIN compatible device.  Load the scanner with the document(s) and then click the “Scan” button.
  3. A new window will open the scanner settings allowing a user to adjust the default configurations.  These settings will vary depending on the scanner selected.  This image is a sample of what settings options may be presented.  When all applicable options are selected, click the “Scan” button. Depending on a user’s permissions, IT maybe required to assist with this process.
  4. The scanned document(s) will display in the image pane.  Additional pages can be added as needed.  Click the “Submit” button when all pages are scanned.

    A progress window will display.  When uploading has completed the SmartTouch People Document Scanning window will close.

Method 2: Web Uploading - Drag and Drop

Once documents have been electronically saved on your computer, simply click and drag the file(s) onto the Upload Documents dashlet to upload them to the system.

Note:  Multiple files can be uploaded at once.  Each file is treated as a separate document.

Method 3: Web Uploading - File Search

Once documents have been electronically saved to your computer, you can manually select them for upload. Simply click anywhere in the cloud area to open the file browser to select file(s) for upload.

To select multiple file, hold down the “CTRL” button + left click the appropriate files. After selecting all necessary file(s), click the “Open” button.


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