How do I index documents in Ascend SmartTouch People?

Once your documents have been uploaded, they can be selected for indexing from the New Documents dashlet.

To add indexing, single-click on the document to open it.

The document index fields will be presented on the left side panel for entry.

To select a “Document Type” click on the “not specified” link and choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. The list will only display types to which the user has permissions to edit.

NOTE:  Departments may display in parenthesis if the document type exists in multiple departments.

To select a "people", click on the magnifying glass icon.  A user can then select the “People Type” from the drop-down menu. In the “lookup by …” field, begin typing the individual and a list will begin to display all possible matches to choose from.

To make a selection, use the keyboard arrows and press enter on the keyboard or use the mouse to click on a row.  Additional index fields may vary depending on the organization and the document type selected.

Should additional index fields not currently listed above be required, click on the “Select a Field” link and a drop-down will be presented to choose from.

Note: Contact the system administrator if an index needed is not listed in the drop down menu.

To remove a field that was selected, click on the red ‘x’.

You can repeat the indexing process for subsequent files quickly by using Repeat Indexing.

To quickly repeat with the prior document indexing saved, click on the “repeat last indexes” icon.  This will populate the index fields with the same data used for the last document processed.   These index fields can be changed after the ‘repeated’ data has been auto filled. Click the “Save” or “Save and close” button when all information has been entered correctly.


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