Herd Health FAQ

What is the Herd Health Tool?

The Herd Health (Aura) tool is designed to let students, faculty, and staff have access to all of their COVID19 information in one place. The tool can used to check test results, schedule sequential testing appointments, and complete their daily symptom checks. The tool can be accessed on mobile devices through the Bucknell University app. 

How do I install the Herd Health (Aura) app?

Select the Herd Health icon found in the Fall Reopening and Health & Wellness sections of the Bucknell University app.

You can also search in the Apple & Play Stores for Aura Sequential Testing.

How do I access & log into the Herd Health (Aura) app?

From an iOS device or an Android device:

  1. From the Bucknell University mobile app you can click the Herd Health icon on the Fall Reopening or Health & Wellness sections. Once the app is installed on your device you can use these links or open the Aura app directly.
  2. Select the Sign in with Google button.
  3. Select your username@bucknell.edu Google account of select login with a different account if it does not show in the Google account list.
  4. If prompted please login with your Bucknell account information.

From a computer:

  1. Open Herd Health from the Quicklinks section of myBucknell or here.
  2. Click the Google login button
  3. When presented with the option of which Google account to login with be sure to select your bucknell.edu account. If prompted for your password please enter it.

Why do I get an invalid message after selecting my Bucknell account?

If you receive an invalid message after attempting to log in with your username@bucknell.edu you will need to login again with your Bucknell account. Please follow the instructions below. 

  1. From the Google account list please select Use another account. When prompted for your email address enter your username@bucknell.edu address and Click Next. Login with your Bucknell username and password, complete the DUO login.
  2. Your Herd Health app should login successfully the next time you click Sign in with Google.

How do I schedule a COVID-19 testing appointment?

  1. Login to the Herd Health app/site and click on Manage next to Appointments on the MyAura screen or the Testing section of the tool.
  2. Select Sojka Pavilion as the testing location
  3. Select your preferred date and time 
  4. Click Book Appointment

How do I cancel a COVID-19 testing appointment?

  1. Login to the Herd Health app/site and click on My Aura main screen
  2. Click on your existing appointment. 
  3. A window should pop up with the appointment info and an option to Cancel Appointment.

How do I view my test results on the Herd Health app?

  1. Login to the Herd Health app/site and you should your test results on the MyAura screen
  2. Click the number of results to see more details about the tests.

How do I use the Herd Health Daily Symptom Checker?

  1. Login to the Herd Health app/site and click on the Daily Symptom Checker.
  2. Select any symptoms you are experiencing or select the I have no symptoms choice.
  3. Click Save.

Can a user control location services for Herd Health (Aura)?

You have full control over the location setting permissions on mobile web apps. You can adjust/disable location services for Aura on your phone if you choose to do so. 


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