Technology Expectations for Fall 2020

Fall 2020 will look a little different than previous years due to Covid-19. Below is a list of technology items you should bring and what to expect this Fall. 

Technology Support is available: 

While the physical Tech Desk in the library will be open, visits will be by appointment only.  Contact us first via phone, email, or by submitting your own ticket. There are a lot of things we can do to help you remotely. And in those instances where we need to have an in-person meeting, we'll be glad to arrange it. ​​​

What should I bring this Fall?

With the changing environment, we highly suggest you bring the following items this Fall semester.

  1. Personal Laptop or Computing Device
  2. Mobile Device
  3. Other Accessories

 Personal Laptop or Computing Device

Students will find it extremely helpful to have their own personal computer on campus. Although students will have access to computer labs on campus, they may find it more convenient and safer to use their own personal devices rather than a shared computer. We do recommend students do not share personal devices due to Covid-19 safety concerns. If obtaining a personal device is a problem, please contact the Tech Desk

For information on the Bison Laptop program, please refer to our L&IT Ask article, "What is the Bison Laptop Program?"

 Mobile Devices

Although, having a personal mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) is not required we do recommend them specifically for Duo multi-factor authentication which is required for all students, faculty, and staff at Bucknell. If a student does not have access to a mobile device, please contact the Tech Desk. With proper identification, the Tech Desk can provide a code generator for Duo authentication. 

 Other Accessories

Additional Chargers/Power Accessories

Due to Covid-19 concerns, chargers may not be available for checkout this Fall. We recommend students bring an extra laptop and mobile phone charger as well as a power bank that could be used to charge both your laptop and a mobile phone. 

Headphones / Headsets

Due to Covid-19 concerns, headphones/headsets may not be available for checkout this Fall. We recommend students bring headphones or headsets with a microphone for classes that may be held remotely. Having a spare on hand may be beneficial as well.                                                                                                                                                 


With some classes being held remotely, it may be helpful to have a webcam on hand. If your laptop has a webcam we still recommend having a USB webcam on hand in case of any issues with the onboard webcam. 

Keyboard Cover

For the safety of the students, we are recommending a washable keyboard cover for your laptop keyboard.  

External Hard Drive or Cloud Backup Service

The one thing that students forget to do or have an urgency to do when their computer comes to the Tech Desk with an issue is to back up their data. We recommend students actively backup the files on their laptop using an external hard drive or cloud backup service. 

What to expect this Fall?

Expectations will be different this year and below are a few that we know you can expect this fall. 

  1. Expect to have to clean your equipment (Guidance for Disinfecting your Computing Equipment)
  2. Expect to work from your computer and not always in a lab (Bucknell University Remote Labs FAQ)
  3. Expect to attend meetings or even classes remotely (Zoom FAQ)
  4. Expect to ask questions (L&IT Client Portal)

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