How do I enable internal messaging in Moodle?

Moodle has an internal messaging system that is turned off for individual users by default, with messages sent via email. However, you can change your messaging preferences to allow for messages to remain within Moodle, as follows:

  1. At the top-right corner of the Moodle screen, hover your mouse over your name. In the menu that drops down, click on "Preferences":

    Profile settings

  2. In the "User account" area, click on "Message preferences":

    Message preferences

  3. In the "Notification preferences" area, click to de-select Email (to remove the check mark from the selection box):

  4. Click on the "Moodle at Bucknell University" icon (or the "Home" link just under that) to return to the main Moodle page:

    Return to Moodle home page

Please note that the message indicator in Moodle is subtle and a bit hard to find unless you look for it. When someone has typed a message for you in Moodle, there will be an indicator in the top right of the page (next to the comment balloons) indicating the number of unread messages waiting for you. Click on comment balloon icon to see your message activity:

Message waiting


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