How do I troubleshoot Avaya voicemail in Bmail?

If you are not receiving your voicemail in your Bmail, the first thing to check for is the ►UC◄ Label. 

The ►UC◄ label is part of the voice mail system. This label is required for your voice mail messages to sync to your Bmail Inbox.  If you delete this label, you will not receive voice mail messages in your email, but your messages will still be on your telephone.

Finding and replacing the ►UC◄ Label in Bmail​​​​​​​

1. This label can also be found in Settings, Labels.  It will be the top item in the label list.

2. If you do not see the ►UC◄ label or if you deleted this label, copy ►UC◄ and paste it as the name of a new label.  You must copy this exactly as it appears.


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