How do I make calls from my desk phone in the Avaya phone system?

Dialing a campus extension:
Last 5 digits of phone number (if phone number is 577-1810, call 71810)
577-1xxx thru 577-7xxx and 577-9000 thru 577-9499 are campus exts.

Calling BU campus from off campus:
Dial 1+570-577-xxxx

Dialing an Off-Campus Number:
(577-8xxxx and 577-9500 thru 577-9999 are off campus numbers)
8+1+area code+seven digit number

International Calls:
Dial 8+011+the country code+city code (if any)+the local number.
The Bucknell Operator has a list of country and city codes.
Note: to call Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the US Virgin Islands, follow the instructions for long
distance calls within the US.

800, 888, 877 Calls:
Dial 8+1+8xx+the seven digit number.

Information Calls:
Dial 8+1+area code+555-1212.

Operator Assistance:
Press 0 for the Bucknell Operator

900, 976 Calls:
900 and 976 calls cannot be placed. These calls can be placed using a calling card.

Accepting Collect Calls:
DO NOT accept collect calls. A substantial fee will be charged.

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