What devices can I use with Duo Security?

You have many options to login to Duo Security. Set up the devices that work best for you.

  • RECOMMENDED: A smartphone using the Duo Mobile app - Choose #1 below
  • A cell phone can receive a telephone call or passcodes via text - Choose #1 below
  • A tablet can use the Duo Mobile App - Choose #2 below
  • A desk, office, home, or landline on or off campus - Choose #3 below

If you are an eligible employee, you can request a Yubikey or code generating token.

  • A Yubikey or token - Employees should contact the Tech Desk to request this option (Note: A Yubikey requires a USB port.  It will only work on a device that has a USB port. A Yubikey will not work with an iPhone or iPad, because neither has a USB port.)
  • A passcode generated by the Duo Mobile app or printed in advance - Click for Passcode instructions



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