How do I install and learn to use Microsoft Excel?

How do I learn how to use Excel?

You can learn to use Excel in LinkedIn Learning. Feel free to browse through and look for particular tutorials that align with your goals.

How do I get Excel on my personal computer?

All computers on campus have Excel pre-installed. You can find a lab or an empty computer that is available for Bucknell University members to use.

However, if you want to get it on your own computer, and if you are a faculty or staff member, you can install Excel from myBucknell.

In myBucknell, scroll down until you see "Technology Support" (1) on the left hand side, click on it, and then select "Tools and Software" (2).


From the Tools and Software page select the Software Distribution link. Now you will see a list of software. This will vary depending on your position at the University.

If you have access to Microsoft Office, it will be on the list.

Select Microsoft Office 365 from the list and follow the instructions on the page.


How do I get Excel on a university-owned computer?

If you have a University-owned computer (your work computer), you can install Excel from Portal Manager if you're on Windows, or Self-Service if you're on a Mac (found under applications).


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