Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, Moodle, Course Design, Video, Digital Tools & Methods, and more

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Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, Instructional Technology & Design, Flipped Classrooms, Hybrid Learning, Teaching with Technology, Assessment planning and rubric development


Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Thinking


Moodle, Lecture Capture, MyMedia (Kaltura MediaSpace) Course Wikis, Course Blogs, WordPress , ePortfolios, iClickers In Class Polling, Qualtrics, Visualization Tools

Video & Audio Production

Class Video Projects, Digital Storytelling, Stop Motion Animation, FinalCut Pro
Digital Video Editing Lab, Digital media projects, Podcasts and Soundbooth

Training & Events, Workshops, Other Events, Digital Scholarship Conference

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Bucknell High Performance Research Computing Network

Digital Scholarship Incubation or Microgrant Request

Form used for submitting digital scholarship incubation or microgrant requests

Library & Information Technology Grants

Library & IT offers a number of grants to support faculty.

Linux Computing Cluster

The Linux Computing Cluster is a group of Linux servers set up for the purpose of running computationally intensive jobs.